Effisoft releases a reinsurance market outlook highlighting the industry hottest trends

The reinsurance industry has tripled since 2000 to reach 240 billion USD in 2013. Eager to keep up with this pace, major players in the business are seeking new outlets.

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Effisoft a leading European reinsurance software provider named Joseph Sebbag CEO in order to expand its growth in North America. Effisoft USA Inc. is based in Dallas.

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Effisoft group announces a growth in excess of 10 percent. This exceptional growth will enable the Group to pursue its international expansion strategy in 2013, with the opening of a subsidiary in the United States.

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Effisoft presented a workshop at Airmic Offices. The session had been established following discussions with numerous UK-based risk managers who were keen to explore the benefits of using an RMIS.

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Spreadsheets are wonderful tools; beloved of actuaries, accountants and IT virtuosos, and with a little knowledge can grow into highly complex and powerful data management tools. Therein however, lays the problem.

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