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Aon subsidiary Inpoint has formed a strategic partnership with reinsurance system provider Effisoft USA Inc.. The two firms will join forces to offer property-casualty insurers Reinsurance Processing Services (RPS ), which includes Effisoft's robust reinsurance processing platform, WebXL, coupled with Inpoint's reinsurance technical accounting expertise.

"We are excited by this opportunity to work with our new partner Effisoft. At Inpoint we conduct regular reviews of the systems available in the market and WebXL beat out all the others for capability, ease of use and affordability.", explains Pat Van Wert CEO / Partner, Aon Inpoint.

"Partnering with Aon Inpoint is a major milestone for our North American market-penetration strategy. Current and future clients will greatly benefit from our best-of-breed technology and expertise alliance. Aon-Inpoint has the trusted brand and reach to bring Effisoft's proven solution, WebXL, to the mass of insurers needing to streamline their reinsurance processes.", says Joseph Sebbag, CEO, Effisoft USA Inc..

About Aon Inpoint
Aon Inpoint is the premier consultancy focused exclusively on the re/insurance industry, dedicated to delivering value, insight and innovation through data, analytics, engagement and consultancy services across the full spectrum of insurance, reinsurance, and capital markets.

Aon Inpoint's operations arm provides operational improvement services to clients in the property and casualty insurance industry to help lower costs and maximize operational efficiency. By using Inpoint's expertise in re/insurance and financial accounting and reporting, clients can direct resources to strategic issues affecting their business and optimize their balance sheet through cash flow maximization of their reinsurance assets.

As a trusted advisor with unmatched experience in strategy, claims and operations, Inpoint delivers credible and practical solutions to empower our clients' financial performance. We serve clients from offices in Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, London, and Singapore, and work with experts from Aon's global network of more than 600 offices in 120 countries.

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