Jean-Pierre Fischer EffisoftCH05/09/13 

Effisoft a leading European reinsurance software provider sets up a new branch in Switzerland to serve the German speaking market.

Effisoft is headquartered in Paris and has undertaken a successful international development strategy in the past 10 years resulting in the establishment of a large client base of over 300 accounts in 17 countries including 2 clients in Switzerland.

Switzerland is THE European reinsurance hub. Recent studies like Market and Research’s “2020 Foresight Report: Reinsurance Hubs” show the growing role of leading reinsurance hubs such as Switzerland, Bermuda and Singapore in a booming global reinsurance market.

“Opening a branch and investing in Switzerland is a key step for Effisoft towards its objective of targeting European reinsurers in general. We are confident that our flagship product WebXL is perfectly designed to meet the specific needs of the market and we are already getting very positive feedback from our prospect customers”, says Jean-Pierre Fischer freshly nominated as CEO of the Swiss branch.

Jean-Pierre Fisher is both a reinsurance software and Swiss market expert, having worked as CEO of msg systems ag Landesgesellschaft Schweiz and as Business Area Director Financial Services for CSC Switzerland. “We believe Jean-Pierre is a key addition to our team of reinsurance experts and that his experience will be of great value in leading our Swiss branch operations”, stated Effisoft Managing Director Julien Victor.

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