Moliner has played a key role in several implementations of WebXL, Effisoft’s reinsurance system, when he was a project manager in charge of international accounts. He has more than 10 years’ experience with reinsurance systems and began his career as risk manager and underwriter.

“Greg has deep knowledge of information systems and expertise in reinsurance software implementation with insurers, reinsurers, and brokers in all line of business,” said Effisoft CEO Julien Victor. “Under his strong leadership, Effisoft USA, Inc. will achieve the ambitious growth objectives we’ve set.”

Effisoft USA, Inc. has made major strides in the US market since its founding in 2013. Several top US insurance companies have implemented WebXL to manage their ceded reinsurance.
Under a new alliance, Aon Inpoint is using WebXL as the core of Reinsurance Processing Services it provides to dozens of carriers.

More than 50 companies worldwide use WebXL. “WebXL offers a perfect solution for US insurers that must manage items unique to the US market, including catastrophe bonds, worker’s compensation, and Schedule F reporting,” Moliner said.

“Many US insurers still use manual spreadsheets to manage ceded reinsurance. There’s great growth potential because they’re recognizing the need for a more efficient way to capture and use policy and claims data”, he added.
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