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Managing catastrophe reinsurance claims is a big challenge for carriers. In particular, dealing with the “hours clause” can be baffling. But taking the best strategy can make a big difference in how much reinsurance you’ll collect.

In his article in Best’s Review, Grégory Moliner tells how technology can make remove much of the guesswork from the hours clause. Grégory also tells how to efficiently integrate your reinsurance management system with your policy administration and claims systems. 

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Effisoft USA will once again attend the IASA annual conference in NASHVILLE, 3 – 6 June.

Effisoft will showcase its reinsurance system WebXL at this year's IASA conference. Meet our team

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New Version of Effisoft’s Reinsurance Software Offers New Features and a More User-Friendly Interface

WebXL Version 4.1 streamlines management of ceded reinsurance and assumed reinsurance

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