Effisoft’s Global Insurance Software Sales Grew 10 Percent in 2017, Including a 22 Percent Upswing in US Sales

Reinsurance and Insurance Regulatory Compliance Products Both Showed Strong Growth

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The large number of reinsurance contracts and special pool arrangements, countless policies and arrays of transactions create a massive risk of having unintended risk exposure. Inability to ensure that each risk has the appropriate reinsurance program associated with it is a recipe for disaster.

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InsuranceCom is the leading platform for innovation of the insurance industry, which is acting as an information and experience pool for prominent decision makers, senior Executive Managers and related experts. Effisoft Will hold a booth and present the latest enhancements to its leading reinsurance system WebXL.

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Effisoft the Risk management software provider will give an Academy Workshop on November 6th 2013 at the premises of the Airmic in Loyd's avenue on the subject of RMIS implementation. We will have some colleagues with us who have helped some of our clients go through this very process, so we are hoping for a useful and lively discussion.

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Most of insurers still rely on spreadsheets to manage their reinsurance business. According to a 2011 survey of property and casualty insurers, 60 percent of partcipants were using spreadsheets, and 7 percent were using other manual methods. Surprisingly, 86% of companies with direct premiums over $1 billion did not have a reinsurance system in place!

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Effisoft Schweiz GmbH will present WebXL on the Eastern Europe InsuranceCom. The event will take place in Vienna, Palais Niederoesterreich, October 7-8. Leader executives will discuss about the topic Fit for Growth - Strategic Priorities in CEE Markets.

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Come and meet our Paris and Zurcih teams at this event dedicated to reinsurance professionals. 

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