Effisoft releases a reinsurance market outlook highlighting the industry hottest trends

The reinsurance industry has tripled since 2000 to reach 240 billion USD in 2013. Eager to keep up with this pace, major players in the business are seeking new outlets.

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Risk managers and insurers have taken advantage of cloud computing for over ten years that is to say largely before the invention of the term itself.

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Effisoft announces a new customer in Vietnam

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With Effisoft being AIRMIC's Preferred Service Provider for Risk Management Software, Effisoft was delighted to exhibit at the AIRMIC annual conference in Bournemouth, England on 6th - 8th June 2011. The event was extremely well attended by more than 750 risk and insurance professionals, representing around 450 companies, many of whom used the opportunity to meet with Effisoft at their stand in the exhibition hall.

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Reinsurance finds itself at the heart of Solvency 2. It is a fact that manual or semi-automated reinsurance operations management will become problematic as early as 2012...

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