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The world's largest tester of consumer goods chooses Webrisk.

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London based Intertek is the largest tester of consumer goods in the world and has a network of more than 1,000 laboratories across around 100 countries, employing more than 36,000 people. For more than 130 years, companies around the world have depended on Intertek to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems. They selected Effisoft's Webrisk in order to manage their corporate insurance program.

In 2012 Intertek took the decision to implement a new Risk Management Information System (RMIS) and their Group Insurance Manager says, 'although we had a current system in place, we are a fast-moving dynamic company and needed a system able to support us far into the foreseeable future. What we had was too complex, could not provide the 'touch-of-the-button' management information we require and lacked user support.' The preferred new solution was Webrisk from Effisoft.
The first goal was for Intertek to provide insurers with better quality risk information for the 2013 insurance renewal. Intertek tasked Effisoft with a three month project to: install the Webrisk database; migrate and cleanse historic data; create bespoke on-line questionnaires; build the reporting suite; and successfully roll the product out to 200 users world-wide without the need for any training. 'Effisoft had to deliver to a strict project plan, with minimal input from me, and to a fixed project price,' says Intertek's Group Insurance Manager, 'I am happy to say they delivered as promised.'

Having gone live, and using Webrisk's web based renewal data gathering functionality, the provision of a user friendly, intuitive, on line questionnaire was welcomed by the users who responded by providing the required information well within the prescribed timeframe. The system has automated much of the process, removed bottlenecks and provides fully auditable risk information. A breakthrough was achieved when the prompt provision of information enabled for the first time, Intertek's financial controllers to thoroughly review, query and validate the data before submission to the market. A substantial effort was made to cleanse the property data so that it is appropriately formatted for insurers catastrophe modelling.

Throughout 2014 Intertek intend to gain further benefit from greater utilisation of the RMIS and improve other aspects of data management. For example, the risk survey programme will be integrated within Webrisk, enabling the completion of risk improvements to be closely tracked and reported. The robust and auditable process will provide greater visibility for insurers and help demonstrate Intertek's increasing efforts in risk reduction. 'By treating Effisoft as part of our risk management team we have been able to make major strides towards improving our overall risk management process within Intertek. This exercise has brought home the fact that no matter how good a system may appear, the people who implement the product are just as key in making the project a success.'