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je trouve la solution adaptée à mes besoins :

I find the solution adapted to my needs:

I find the solution adapted to my needs:

Effisoft delivers software solutions to the Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management industries worldwide. Our products are designed for all insurance professionals comprising from risk managers to reinsurers, insurance companies and brokerage firms. Within 25 years, Effisoft has managed to build solid client relationships and remain an independent and proactive company. This allowed the group to record constant growth and extend its international presence dramatically in the last decade.

Webrisk Risk Management Information System


Solutions for risk and insurance management

At Effisoft, we have been supporting Risk Managers for more than twenty years with efficient technology tools that help them manage their risks and insurance programs. We have in-depth RMIS (Risk Management Information System) expertise and have built Webrisk, widely regarded as the most powerful and comprehensive product on the market.

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Collect data

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Manage policy programs

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Submit claims

Sunday, 27 May 2012
WebXL Reinsurance Software


Reinsurance software

At Effisoft, we help cedants, reinsurers, and brokers manage underwriting and complex reinsurance processes. We help our users feel confident in their placement decisions, by making sure they can extract the relevant information they need quickly. We help them power efficiency.

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 Record contracts

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Track claims and events

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 Generate technical accounts and bordereaux

Sunday, 27 May 2012