Effisoft new logoEffisoft, the market leading software provider for risk management, insurance and reinsurance information systems unveils its new logo and launches its new web-site.

The logo:

"Our logo dated back to the Nineties", says Julien Victor, managing director of Effisoft. "Beyond the sentimental value, we were attached to the old logo because it symbolised the strength of our company, which has been in the market for over 20 years. Despite that, the font was old fashioned and did not reflect the dynamism of the company as we continue to progress forward. Thus, we decided to overhaul all our communication mediums (brochures, web site etc.) a few months ago."

"The new logo is more inspirational but maintains a legacy with the old one by retaining the colour scheme", adds Julien Victor. "We also wanted the new logo to convey Effisoft's three main values:

> Our core business, of information system provider: this is reflected in the pictogram which represents a "power" button;

> Our expertise in the insurance, reinsurance and risk management industries: this clearly appears in the logo's strapline;

> Our service quality which is also represented by the pictogram which can be interpreted either as two arms embracing a person (reflecting the human dimension of our company: we don't simply sell information solutions, but turnkey projects, personally delivered) or as the celebration of a successfully delivered project."

Communication mediums:

"Once the new logo was designed, we defined a visual universe to represent our company and applied this to all our communication mediums", explains Julien Victor.

The theme of 'the game' was rapidly accepted since Effisoft is a leading player in the risk and insurance market. They also wanted to convey notions of victory, of team spirit and rules, all concepts common to Effisoft's solutions. "Moreover, it is possible to be professional, without taking one's self too seriously" says Julien Victor.

Effisoft et le jeuCorporate web site:

At the same time, the teams worked on the development of the new web site (, which is more contemporary and easier to navigate and research than the old one.

The new web site was launched on 24th of September 2012.

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