EFFISOFT sales continued to grow in 2015

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Effisoft registers a 6% rise in revenue compared to 2014. In 2015 EFFISOFT generated a consolidated turnover of 12.3 million euros, which is in line with the company’s business development plan.

During 2015, Solvency II has continued to mobilise Effisoft teams: with XBRL regulatory deliveries last June and November, the company was approached by many players in the insurance sector, in order to meet EIOPA requirements on the 3 pillars. "2015 proved to be an excellent year for our software suite Solvaset which provides a complete solution to address the different issues raised by EIOPA. Although the majority of the market was already equipped with software, Effisoft recorded new signatures in France and abroad over the last 12 months. Both insurance, mutual or bank insurance customers using Assuretat deeply appreciate our expertise in regulatory reporting. They all met 2015 regulatory deadlines and could provide their regulatory bundles to their respective authorities" says Marc ACCOS, co-founder of Effisoft.

Our challenge is not over yet. "With Solvency II coming into force in 2016, new requirements will arise and Effisoft must be able to ensure all the necessary support to our numerous users" said Marc ACCOS.
Late 2015, Effisoft launched an additional module, called My Valdys, which is perfectly aligned to these needs. My Valdys will improve Effisoft’s customers operational risk management and continuous / periodic internal controls.
Thus, the European directive is proving to be a major advantage in enabling Effisoft to consider new international business opportunities.

This is a key strategic focus, considering that in 2015 Effisoft achieved almost half of its sales outside of France. Although some international projects are carried out from the headquarters in Paris, the group mainly relies on its two subsidiaries in the UK and the US.

Across the Atlantic, Effisoft’s primary focus is on its reinsurance business with WebXL, which was selected by several US insurers in 2015. "Recent signatures in this competitive market confirm the viability of the software and its technology performance", said Julien VICTOR, Effisoft’s Managing Director.
"The success of the partnership forged with AON Inpoint in 2015 is also an opportunity to strengthen our position in the US. In 2016, we intend to perform the implementation of our recent US customers without reducing our prospecting efforts".

In London, our risk and insurance management solution Webrisk has enjoyed success with four new customers in addition to new customers obtained in France, Switzerland, the Middle East and Argentina.
"In 2015, Webrisk attracted various international groups, most of them CAC40 or FTSE100 listed companies and from very diverse sectors (distribution and telecommunication companies, automotive suppliers, energy, chemical and port industries). Most of these projects have already been implemented. We are all the more pleased with these results since 2015 was an important year in R&D for our company. These investments allow us to anticipate the launch of major new products in 2016”, says Pascal STOPNICKI, co-founder of Effisoft. "In 2015 we managed to conduct an intense commercial activity which was accompanied by proficient and rapid implementations, without neglecting our product road map".

Given the group's objectives, Effisoft continues to strengthen its resources in 2016.
"To be in line with our ambitions, we must continue our recruitment policy. Like 2015, we expect the creation of fifteen positions in France and the UK but also in the US. The stakes are high because we must be able to integrate, train and retain these new employees to prepare the growth of tomorrow”, concluded Stéphane GRANGE, Human Resources Manager.

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