Eight Steps for a Successful Reinsurance System Implementation

A reinsurance management system has become a necessity for insurers. But installing a new ceded reinsurance system can go wrong if you don’t follow the right strategy.

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Effisoft registers a 6% rise in revenue compared to 2014. In 2015 EFFISOFT generated a consolidated turnover of 12.3 million euros, which is in line with the company’s business development plan.

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YPF chooses Effisoft's RMIS Webrisk for data collection, prevention and premium tracking.YPF is an argentinian company dedicated to the exploration and production of oil and natural gas together with the distribution of petroleum products. YPF contacted Effisoft in 2014 in order to optimise the company’s insurance and risk programs.

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The reinsurance industry has tripled since 2000 to reach 240 billion USD in 2013. Eager to keep up with this pace, major players in the business are seeking new outlets.

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This Rendez-Vous de Monte Carlo is the major event for all the players in the global reinsurance market and is an opportunity for Effisoft to meet with our clients and partners. 

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We would like to thank all the AIRMIC conference attendees who visited our stand this year, it was great to receive so much interest from managers keen to improve their operations through the use of technology. In addition to the friends we always look forward to seeing, there were lots of new people to get to know and with whom to exchange ideas and experiences.

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RMORSA, which became effective Jan. 1, and has been adopted by many states, requires insurers to have a systematic way of identifying, assessing and managing risk, including documenting ceded reinsurance coverage in detail.

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