25/05/13  Effisoft, a leading provider of software solutions to the Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management industries will use UBPartner's Advanced XBRL Tools to deliver an easy-to-use, XBRL Reporting solution for Insurance Companies..

Effisoft a leading provider of software solutions to the Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management industries and UBPartner a leading provider of XBRL technology have signed an agreement to integrate within Effisoft's Assuretat applications UBPartner's XBRL Converter (XCT) and XBRL Rendering Tool (XRT) products.

The combined solution will enable: Assuretat Excel reports to be transformed into XBRL documents without any need to learn the details of XBRL mapping and tagging; provide advanced XBRL validation to ensure that the XBRL documents are 100% compliant with the regulators requirements; and enable final electronic signature before submission to regulators, such as the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel (ACP), the French Regulator for Banks & Insurances.

Marc Accos, Effisoft's General Manager, stated that "I have been very pleased to see how easy it has been to integrate UBPartner products within our Assuretat suite, saving us lengthy and much costly development time while insuring that our customers will report in a timely manner to the coming ACP Solvency II requirements."

UBPartner's products have been built around the Edgar-Online/UBMatrix XBRL Processing Engine which has been the leading platform for regulators worldwide and been the platform of choice for leading software vendors.

"We have been delighted to have been selected by Effisoft as their XBRL Partner of choice!", commented Roger Haddad, UBPartner President; "this agreement validates our strategy to concentrate our R&D efforts to deliver the best of breed, powerful XBRL solutions while hiding XBRL complexity to the business users."











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