Effisoft, software provider for the Insurance and Risk Management industry, announces the release of Webrisk Mobile, an iPhone application dedicated to its Webrisk users. This new tool will allow them to access even more easily their risk and insurance data.

WebRisk appWhat functionalities the iPhone can offer to a Risk and Insurance Manager who is already used to working on SaaS software available 24/7/365 ?
« Risk Managers often travel and visit subsidiaries around the world. They have to be able to see quickly all the information related to these sites", explains Pascal STOPNICKI, EFFISOFT CEO.

Webrisk Mobile is a user friendly and efficient way for Risk Managers to access Webrisk exposure data wherever they are and whenever they want. An exposure can be a site, whether an entire subsidiary or a plant, a premises, a warehouse...any site with an address.

What Webrisk mobile can do:

While visiting one of his subsidiaries somewhere in the world, a Risk Manager wants to check whether this site's loss history is good or bad or if his contact there has carried out the previous recommendations he issued.
Another example: he is in a foreign country and would like to check what sites his company owns and to locate those near him.
You can also imagine a Risk Manager in a train or a taxi, discussing with a colleague or a supplier and willing to have a look at the premiums for a specific site. He may need to verify the contact details of one or more of his local contacts. Recommendation or loss statistics can moreover be accessed at any time.


> Locate a site near a specific point of interest
> Find all the sites in a specific country
> Locate a site using its address
> Access a site's specific details
> Check its address
> Find the site's personnel contact details
> Be alerted for a task scheduled for this site
Establish the premiums allocated to the site
Check its address
> Find the site's personnel contact details
> Be alerted for a task scheduled for this site
> Establish the premiums allocated to the site

Webrisk totalised more than 450 000 connections every year in the world, so it seems natural that EFFISOFT tries a first incursion in the applications for mobiles market. Should its users express interest for this kind of features, other applications could be developed in the next few months.

WebRisk mobile's advantages are quite obvious and Risk Managers appeared thrilled by this announcement when Effisoft presented the application at Deauville for the AMRAE 20th Les Rencontres on the 8th and 9th of February.
And for those who could worry about security and confidentiality regarding the data stored in the software, Eric Page, R&D Director at EFFISOFT, answers: « Let me reassure you, WebRisk Mobile can only be accessed with a login and a password. The application disconnects itself automatically when it is not used."

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