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Thanks to the partnership with South-African software provider CARDINAL, EFFISOFT signed its 1st client in Angola. WebXL, Effisoft's reinsurance software will be implemented at Confiança Seguros at the same time as CIMS, CARDINAL's software for insurance administration.
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Cardinal develops solutions for insurance administration.

In 2011, Cardinal approached Effisoft in order to establish a partnership for representation purposes, and the deployment and support of reinsurance information system WebXL in sub-Saharian African countries.
Benefits of such partnership are simple to both parties:

  • EFFISOFT takes advantage of Cardinal's expertise and network for developing in the African market.
  • CARDINAL enhances its offer by introducing Effisoft's solution for reinsurance management to its back office policy/claim administration system. In this way, the partners can respond to the most complex requirements of cedents and reinsurers in the African continent. The new offer enables to manage loss and premiums as well as the reinsurance processes.

Such a global offer is likely to interest numerous market players. Indeed, only a few software providers in Africa are specialized in insurance and reinsurance and can provide an extended functional coverage. Furthermore, Effisoft and Cardinal provide their clients with effective and customized solutions which are more likely to meet small and medium-size companies' requirements.

Confiança Seguros, a start-up company based in Angola recently announces that it selected CIMS and WebXL to automate its operations (policies administration and reinsurance cession).
WebXL agreement was signed in 2012. The software will be in live in April 2013 and it will be managed by 10 users.

« Thanks to this offer, we can adapt to start-up companies such as Confiança Seguros, which are very regarding to return on investment. », explains Julien VICTOR, managing director at Effisoft.
Confiança Seguros is the first common reference of this partnership and it confirms the international position of the French provider which generates 45% of its revenue abroad. Effisoft reinsurance solution is thus implemented in more than 15 countries all over the world.