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Accompaniment of Willis Gras Savoye Ré in its reinsurance management process

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Initiated in 2003, WebXL allowed Gras Savoye Ré to automate a great number of reinsurance proccesses and save precious time.Gras Savoye Willis

The needs :

  • To manage the premiums, Treaties and Facultatives
  • To develop a unified platform for Willis Gras Savoye Ré employees
  • To manage the technical accounting and the financial accounting
  • To provide detailed statistics
  • To simplify the relations of the broker with its partners and its clients

Initiated in 2003, the WebXL enabled Willis Gras Savoye Ré to automate numerous non-value added processes (such as automating the calculation of premiums and brokerage) and thus gain precious time for its employees.

WebXL has allowed Gras Savoye Ré to realize:

  • The management of contractual reinsurance for treaties and facultative, with complete follow-up of the quotation process
  • The fast seizure of technical accounts
  • The management of disasters and events
  • The recording of accounting operations to feed their general accounting system
  • The complete realization of analytical accounting
  • Statistical analysis