Our solutions

Effisoft delivers software solutions to the Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management industries worldwide. Our products are designed for all insurance professionals comprising from risk managers to reinsurers, insurance companies and brokerage firms. Within 25 years, Effisoft has managed to build solid client relationships and remain an independent and proactive company. This allowed the group to record constant growth and extend its international presence dramatically in the last decade.



Reinsurance software

At Effisoft, we help cedants, reinsurers, and brokers manage underwriting and complex reinsurance processes. We help our users feel confident in their placement decisions, by making sure they can extract the relevant information they need quickly. We help them power efficiency.

ico rapport

 Record contracts

ico graph

Track claims and events

ico generate

 Generate technical accounts and bordereaux

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Solutions for the 3 Pillars of the Solvency II directive

At Effisoft, we help insurance professionals to meet the European Union's Solvency II requirements. This comprehensive solution addresses the three pillars of the European directive. Users benefit from Effisoft's recognised know-how on the European insurance market.

ico process

trace your calculations

ico carto

generate the risk mapping

ico rapport

produce regulatory reporting

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