Marc ACCOS, Julien VICTOR, Pascal STOPNICKIEffisoft is headed by its founders Marc Accos and Pascal Stopnicki. Their combined experience spans over 20 years experience in Insurance regulatory reporting along with Insurance & risk management information systems 

Julien Victor, joined the board in the year 2000 and brought his expertise of reinsurance systems. He now occupies the position of CEO.

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Effisoft partnersAt Effisoft, we strongly believe in synergies between industry actors. We have created strong and successful partnerships over the years and we keep seeking partners that are willing to engage in common projects.
We are particularly interested in partners, software vendors or integrators, with strong insurance expertise, but we are also looking for partners with a broad regional and international presence to help us explore new markets and new opportunities.
At Effisoft, we also wish to remain close to influential entities of the insurance sector such as professional associations and specialized schools.
Team up with Effisoft and add value to your own service or solution.

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La filiale du courtier Aon a conclu un partenariat stratégique avec la filiale américaine de l’éditeur spécialisée dans les logiciels de gestion de la réassurance.

Les deux entreprises s’appuieront sur leurs savoir-faire afin de proposer aux sociétés d’assurance et de réassurance une gamme étendue de services autour de la gestion des processus de réassurance.

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