Effisoft’s Global Insurance Software Sales Grew 10 Percent in 2017, Including a 22 Percent Upswing in US Sales

Reinsurance and Insurance Regulatory Compliance Products Both Showed Strong Growth

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Effisoft USA, Inc. is hiring professionals to serve its fast-growing client base


The reinsurance industry has tripled since 2000 to reach 240 billion USD in 2013. Eager to keep up with this pace, major players in the business are seeking new outlets.

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RMORSA, which became effective Jan. 1, and has been adopted by many states, requires insurers to have a systematic way of identifying, assessing and managing risk, including documenting ceded reinsurance coverage in detail.

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Aon subsidiary Inpoint has formed a strategic partnership with reinsurance system provider Effisoft USA Inc.. The two firms will join forces to offer property-casualty insurers Reinsurance Processing Services (RPS ), which includes Effisoft's robust reinsurance processing platform, WebXL, coupled with Inpoint's reinsurance technical accounting expertise.

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Selecting a Ceded Reinsurance System? Consider SaaS or a Hybrid Solution

Insurers recognize they need a better solution, and there's progress. While quite a few insurers have implemented a ceded reinsurance system in the last few years, many more are planning to install their first system sometime soon. They want to have software that lets them manage complex facultative reinsurance and treaties and the corresponding policies and claims efficiently in one place.


Effisoft, announced the availability of a new version of its reinsurance software solution WebXL, dedicated to individual life reinsurance management.

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