Effisoft offers to its clients integration projects comprising both our software packages and their operational application.

Our teams bring you their excellent professional expertise and guarantee fast implementations via the integration of proven methods and tools.


The group benefits from a wide experience in the implementation of its solutions, mainly through the realisation of ambitious projects for renowned groups.

Our consultants, qualified in each field, will accompany you in your projects and will propose solutions best suited to your needs.

Moreover, Effisoft has a wide experience in cooperating with leading integrators in the market. Service quality, respect of deadlines, and continuous accompaniment to changes: it is our wish to deliver the best projects on the market.




The Effisoft group's Support team comprises experienced consultants and experts mastering the functional and technical aspects of all our applications.

A maintenance contract is proposed with each of our projects. It principally includes:

> the hotline to respond to problems encountered during the use of our products;

> the qualification and the correction of anomalies encountered during the utilisation of the software and its specific developments carried out in the course of the project;

> upgrades (minor and major versions of the applications): development delivery, migration scripts and/or version up-grade as well as users and installation manuals.



The group has defined, for each of its software, a training program it considers sufficient and necessary for the implementation and utilisation of your projects (theoretical aspects as well as numerous practical examples). These training programs:

> take into account the technical skills of all people involved in the project (knowledge and/or experience);

> answer the expectations and needs of the different groups of users by tailoring sessions to their specific needs;

> are meant to allow users to fully exploit the benefits and functionalities of our solutions and ensure their optimal use.

> may take place within the Effisoft group offices (recognised training centres) or on site.



Experienced projects leaders accompany the Effisoft consultants and technical experts. Together, they put their knowledge and experience at your disposal in order to ensure a complete service at each step of your projects:

> upstream: study of your environment and  activity, intervention parameter...;

> during the implementation phase, integration, operational set up, transfer of competencies to your user teams and assistance in the implementation of new management processes;

> downstream, propositions on ways to improve your applications in parallel with your objectives and your resources.

The functional and technical competencies of our consulting teams allow us to accompany you during key steps such as migration, historic data management, interfaces verification...