Reinsurance Systems Vendor Effisoft Demos at IASA Conference


Managing ceded reinsurance and receivables is error-prone and time-consuming without automation. You can learn how insurtech can tame reinsurance management at the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association’s annual conference.
Effisoft USA will demonstrate its reinsurance system in Orlando, June 4-7. Its WebXL software automates every aspect of reinsurance management.

Effisoft USA CEO Grégory Moliner and his team will be available to answer questions at Booth 221. He says that carriers using WebXL

• Reduce risk by closing reinsurance coverage gaps
• Prevent claims leakage
• Automate routine tasks so that professionals can focus on planning and strategy
• Reap valuable business intelligence
• Streamline compliance

Attendees have three ways to connect with Effisoft. Besides visiting the booth, they can sign up for IASA’s reinsurance systems vendor tour for a five-minute overview demonstration. They can also get a tailored in-depth demonstration by making an appointment or on the fly.
Effisoft’s WebXL reinsurance software has withstood the test of time for 25 years. More than 1,000 users on five continents use it daily.


Effisoft at IASA 2017 for the 5th consecutive year

Effisoft participated in the IASA (Insurance Accounting & Systems Association) annual event for the



Reinsurance systems vendor Effisoft Demos at IASA Conference

Reinsurance Systems Vendor Effisoft Demos at IASA